Shoes Insoles Machines


Camarb N25-STR2S

Thigh performance sewing machine for shoe’s insoles and for other materials such as leather, fur, wool, mutton and fabrics.

Rotary feed dog and rear cup drive, chain stitch.

Useful for many applications: it is particularly suitable to sew mutton boots but also for nappa, wool, fur, leather and safety shoes.

Suitable also for finishing works of some upper’s sections and for the insole’s application to the upper.

These two parts are sewed by a flat and elastic stitch, which let to lightly improve the shoe’s outline.



With this sturdy overseaming machine insoles are sewn to uppers.

In relation to the conventional lasting method, the Strobel-method saves quite a lot of material.

With this machine leather or textiles up to a thickness of 7 mm can be sewn.

Thereby the gathering device helps to sew in fullness of the upper. Optional equipment (different feed and front cups) enables the machine to manufacture children shoes or very delicate material.

Even kits for string-lasting (with strings up to 1,7 mm or up to 2,5 mm diameter) or for California-type shoes are offered.