Spare Parts


Spare Parts Bramac BR-50

Benchtop Hot Melt glue applicator with adjustment of the temperature and ergonomic gun

  • Ergonomic dispensing gun
  • Interchangeable nozzles in different sizes and sections for each type of work (8mm - 6mm - 4mm)
  • Temperature regulator
  • Gun housing with glue collection tank
  • Glue tank incorporated in the dispensing gun

Spare Parts Bramac BR-57

Rotating system bonding machine

  • Manually adjustment and control
  • Human-friendly overturning structure makes easy operation
  • The rotary table covered with soft pad and silica gel sheet
  • The heat of heating plate will improve the attaching effect by activating the surface glue

Spare Parts Bramac BR-58

Hot press for the coupling of the lining, the upper and toe-puff, fundamental in a working group, improves the gluing of the components and facilitates the shaping of the assembly operation.

  • The pressing temperature is adjustable thanks to a digital thermoregulator
  • Complete with table
  • Adjustable coupling pressure
  • Adjustable upper stretching pressure
  • Working temperature 70°- 80°
  • Possibility to replace the pillow and the mould

Spare Parts Bramac BR-139

Universal motor punching machine

  • Digital control panel
  • Optical projector for the correct positioning of the material
  • Hits counter
  • Manual positioning mode

Spare Parts Bramac BR-240X

Seam beating and ironing machine for uppers and boots but also stichings of bags, suit-cases, seats and backs.

  • Machine equipped with anvil support
  • Heated anvil with temperature control until 180° C
  • Working plate
  • Replacement anvil for 90° beating
  • Replacement hammer (smaller size)
  • Height adjustable column

Spare Parts BR-260

Heat iron machine

  • Thermo-ironing machine for shoes with hot air and steam
  • Temperature controlled electronically by a display
  • Adjustable air-flow speed
  • Adjustable steam output
  • Ironing roller
  • Pedal for steam-only ironing

Spare Parts Bramac BR-230N

Vamp pre-forming and ironing machine with one heated station.

  • This high efficiency machine is easy to use and allows the costumer to decrease the production time, the production costs and the designing costs
  • Control panel for machine cycle’s programming, and for mould temperature
  • Teflon coated pull-down pre-forming unit
  • Universal silicone mould for pre-forming vamps
  • Adjustable optical projector for the correct upper’s positioning

Spare Parts Bramac BR-301

Spray System

  • This machine is applicable to the coating of aqueous glue (ammonia glue)
  • The machine can spray the aqueous glue on vamp, liner or other parts evenly so that the binding result can be guaranteed to prevent the binding materials from separation and loosing after binding
  • The machine can save a large quantity of glue and free from waster, therefore it is economical and practical


Spare Parts Bramac BR-600

Sole assembling machine

  • One station sole assembling machine
  • High efficiency machine with high pressing power, suitable for both men and women shoes and boots
  • Hole for an easier positioning of the boot
  • New electronic and photoelectric safety system
  • The adjustable rest pole allows the operator to point the shoe in the desired position
  • Electric rest pole’s height setting
  • The higher bell allows to work shoes with higher bottoms
  • Pressure regulation and machine cycle’s programming for first and second pressure
  • Manual or Automatic mode selection

Spare Parts Bramac BR-868

Multipurpose puncher for holes and the application of each type of accessories according to the tool used.

  • Lighting Workspace
  • Adjustable laser pointer depending on the thickness of the material being processed
  • Finger guard
  • Speed regulation
  • It does not require compressed air
  • Speed selection by means of the modes gradual and rapid
  • Controlled descent of the punch

Spare parts Bramac BR-900

BR900 are designed to allow toe upper pre-pulling to verify his integrity. Machine with high working flexibility, suitable for all types of footwear.

  • Alu-Mould stroke adjustment
  • Rising mould pressure adjustment
  • Working time adjustment.
  • Closing pincers operation is commanded by pedal while hands are yet on alu-mould. • The upper locking plates are adjustable depending on the type numbering and model
  • Possibility to customize the work mode.

Spare parts Bramac BR-1295

Toe moulding machine with 2 heated stations for the re-activation and 2 cold stations for the forming.

  • Control panel for machine cycle’s programming, and for hot and cold mould temperatures
  • Complete adjustability for outer and inner moulds and pincers
  • Possibility of realizing tools and moulds with the shape of customer last sample