List of products by brand Bramac


Adhesive Hot Melt Bramac BR-128

BR-128 Hot Melt Adhesive is a universal pressure sentitive hot melt adhesive, ideal for bonding components.

Component suitable for the BRAMAC BR-50 benchtop hot melt glue applicator.



Skiving machine on table stand.

  • Motor for waste aspiration
  • Led work light
  • Feeding system controlled by a variable speed motor
  • AUTOMATIC feeding mode: feeding speed controlled by potentiometer
  • MANUAL feeding mode: feeding speed controlled by pedal
  • Waste collection container
  • Removable waste collection container filter


Universal motor punching machine

  • Digital control panel
  • Optical projector for the correct positioning of the material
  • Hits counter
  • Manual positioning mode


Heat iron machine

  • Thermo-ironing machine for shoes with hot air and steam
  • Temperature controlled electronically by a display
  • Adjustable air-flow speed
  • Adjustable steam output
  • Ironing roller
  • Pedal for steam-only ironing


Multipurpose puncher for holes and the application of each type of accessories according to the tool used.

  • Lighting Workspace
  • Adjustable laser pointer depending on the thickness of the material being processed
  • Finger guard
  • Speed regulation
  • It does not require compressed air
  • Speed selection by means of the modes gradual and rapid
  • Controlled descent of the punch


Automatic line dryer.

No skin burning until 2-3 seconds touches.

Air temperature 100°- 600°.


Bramac BR-00 ALL IN ONE-Q

The BR-00 ALL IN ONE - Q table is specially designed for the hamming and finishing departments.

Available with different types of support, it is equipped with a stainless steel place and a marble top for beating the uppers.