Machines for Setting Studs

Sps Tecnologia Meccanica


Automatic pneumatic machine to apply particularly ornamental studs and to execute designs on leather, leather, plastic, fabric and similar in various sectors such as shoe factories, leather goods, packaging, gift items and many others.

This machine is equipped with a particular vibrating feeder which ensures a perfect descent of the studs into the loader, then into the application gripper.

The 2004/10-PN.A is provided with a processing support table and is equipped with a luminous cross projector for positioning the boss in the desired point.



The instrument is used for the application of any kind of thermo-adhesive items (crystal stones, cabochon, half pearls, studs) in different shapes.

It is provided with an interchangeable heating metal point.

A thermo-regulator allows to vary the metal point temperature and to adjust it according to the item size.

The crystal stone or the stud is vacuum positioned.

A special vacuum-generating pump is located inside the instrument and is activated by the operator when he closes the handle hole.