Camarb N31-AIO-E

The CAMARB N31-ALL-IN-ONE-E (ELECTRONIC) is a post bed sewing machine with servo motor integrated in the sewing head, with 1 needle, rotating feed dog, roller foot synchronized with the movement of the needle by means of motors step.

Thread trimming device, electric backtack and electric foot lift.

Trimming Machine Colli GP7... Trimming Machine Colli GP7... Trimming Machine Colli GP7...
Colli FGB

Trimming Machine Colli GP7 Used

Rifilatrice adatta a vari lavori di rifilatura come:

  • La ricopertura in cuoio dei tacchi Luigi XV
  • Le bave di calzature in PU con suole bicolore iniettate
  • Le fodere cucite in profondità di calzature con tomaie bordate.

Il movimento delle parti eccentriche a bagno d’olio determina una bassa rumorosità.

La macchina è corredata di mola smeriglio sagomata per l’affilatura del coltellino.


Camarb N31-AIO-E-C997-CAS by CMCI

The new Camarb N31-ALL-IN-ONE-E-C997 CAS is an extremely versatile and reliable post bed machine, available in the electronic version equipped with step motors.

Single needle, large vertical hook and in numerous other column configurations for any type of seam need.


Camarb N31-AIO-E-C997-CP

The CAMARB N31-ALL IN ONE-E-C997-CP is a post-bed sewing machine with servo-drive integrated in the sewing head, single needle, rotary feed dog, synchronized needle and presser foot by means of stepper motors.

Thread trimmer, electric backtracking and electric presser foot lift.

Small Crochet.


Bramac BR-58

Hot press for the coupling of the lining, the upper and toe-puff, fundamental in a working group, improves the gluing of the components and facilitates the shaping of the assembly operation.

  • The pressing temperature is adjustable thanks to a digital thermoregulator
  • Complete with table
  • Adjustable coupling pressure
  • Adjustable upper stretching pressure
  • Working temperature 70°- 80°
  • Possibility to replace the pillow and the mould