Footwear Machinery


Bramac BR-800

Double head thread trimming machine, equipped with: 

  • Small double razor for each type of footwear
  • Wast aspirator with extractable compartment
  • Cutting speed regulator
  • Table stand for the razor
  • Independent razors with 160 cm suction hose
  • No compressed air required

Bramac BR-QQ01

Pneumatic puncher for holes and rivets application

  • Lighting Workspace
  • Adjustable laser pointer depending on the thickness of the material being processed
  • Finger guard


Machine adapted to smooth the bag edges, straps and all leather components utilized in leather goods and footwear field.


Bramac BR-096-CG

Slide toe press machine with two hot stations with inflatable bells.

The BR-096-CG performs the pressing of the slip tip by means of inflatable shells (vacuum).

The lowering of the pillow is with two-hand control.


Bramac BR-00-ALL-IN-ONE-Q

The BR-00 ALL IN ONE-Q table is specially designed for the hammering and finishing departments.

Available with different types of support, it is equipped with a stainless steel place and a marble top for beating the uppers.

This model in the pictures is characterized by innovative support system table with foldable wheels (Quick Move) that remarkably facilitate the rapid movement in all those situations where it is required operational flexibily in production chains.



Edge dyeing machines equipped with painter rollers of different diameters, suitable to be used in the sectors of leather goods, footwear, watch making, furnishing, nautical, automotive and leather items:

  • Equipment: 2 rollers (a "L" and with grooves)
  • Motor with variable speed
  • Edge Dyeing Machine with speed variator
  • Horizontal Edge Dyeing with painter roller of 7 mm diameter
STAMPATREDDI Flexible Solutions

Bramac FLEXMED F35

FLEXMED F35 is the latest generation 4.0 3D printer produced in Italy by STAMPATREDDI Flexible Solutions and marketed in collaboration with BRAMAC S.R.L.

A printer for professionals in the sector, extremely easy and versatile to use.

It offers the best print quality in its class and can print with a wide range of materials.


Transport System BRAMAC

Transport system for semi-finished products with ELECTRONIC or MECANIC speed regulation.

Potentioment on the electrical panel and controls.

The conveyor can handle different types of trolleys defined according to the intended use of the machine (cleaning, finishing, uppers, hemming, assembly, etc.).



Printing modular system used to plot guide lines on leathers and other fabrics, composed of 2 mains stations (model acquisition and plotting) and any accessories, configurable according to customer needs (drying station, conveyor return, etc..).

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Skiving machine on table stand.

  • Motor for waste aspiration
  • Led work light
  • Feeding system controlled by a variable speed motor
  • AUTOMATIC feeding mode: feeding speed controlled by potentiometer
  • MANUAL feeding mode: feeding speed controlled by pedal
  • Waste collection container
  • Removable waste collection container filter

Bramac BR-240X

Seam beating and ironing machine for uppers and boots but also stichings of bags, suit-cases, seats and backs.

  • Machine equipped with anvil support
  • Heated anvil with temperature control until 180° C
  • Working plate
  • Replacement anvil for 90° beating
  • Replacement hammer (smaller size)
  • Height adjustable column