List of products by brand Omac



The 600R OMAC linear electro pneumati folding machine is used in leather industry, leather accessories and furniture to make folds with cold system on accessoriers in leather, eco leather or similar materials.

Designed to make folds with cold systems on various leather accessories such as wallets, wallets for checks and credit cards, handbags.

Also, it is used in the production of agendas, menus, desk accessories, sample folder, leather or eco leather panels.

It is characterized by a folding width of 5 to 15 mm.


990V Mini

Edge dyeing machines equipped with painter rollers of different diameters, suitable to be used in the sectors of leather goods, footwear, watch making, furnishing, nautical, automotive and leather items:

  • Equipment: 2 rollers (a "L" and with grooves)
  • Motor with variable speed
  • Edge Dyeing Machine with speed variator
  • Horizontal Edge Dyeing with painter roller of 7 mm diameter


Il forno per pelletteria E30 OMAC® permette di asciugare pezzi precolorati di qualsiasi dimensione utilizzati nella produzione di accessori di pelletteria, calzature, cinturini d’orologio e oggetti da scrivania in pelle.

Dotato di un ripiano singolo riscaldato completo di 2 vassoi.