List of products by brand Iron Fox

Iron Fox

A 250 MP-F

This machine is able to treat a huge amount of soles in very short time and it can do it even with edged or strange shaped soles where the human hands would take a long time to do it.

Iron Fox

AS 1450

Two stations universal sole assembling machine; this system is particularely useful to assemble very high edged soles, like Opanka soles, that would be very difficult or even impossible to press with any traditional machine.


Iron Fox

AS1800 K52

New Patented one or two stations universal sole assembling machine for all kind of technical, sport, military and casual shoes.

During the last a few years the entire mechanical system has been changed to a new higher level of precision and quality in order to guarantee the maximum security for the worker and now also the electronic protections have been updated.

Iron Fox

SAS 812

Forno essiccatore e riattivatore per collanti a base acqua o solvente con touch screen.

Asciugatura tramite irradiazione costante e completa su tutta la superficie in tempi rapidi e possibilità di operare su due canali a temperature differenti tomaia/suola.