Camarb N31-AIO-E-C997-CP


The CAMARB N31-ALL IN ONE-E-C997-CP is a post-bed sewing machine with servo-drive integrated in the sewing head, single needle, rotary feed dog, synchronized needle and presser foot by means of stepper motors.

Thread trimmer, electric backtracking and electric presser foot lift.

Small Crochet.



It’s needle-moving system allows to sew difficult materials susch as padded items or multi-layer materials, avoding them from slipping.

When sewing closed uppers, the right post-bed allows to move the upper on the left side of the post-bed, advantageous features for child’s uppers.

The thread trimmer, the backtracking and the presser foot lifter make the working progress more efficient.


  • New stepper motors
  • Ergonomic and innovative design with more spaces for the operator and optimal visual comfort for a better work area
  • Roller press foot feeding control system
  • Higher stability during work-cycle steps
  • Less vibrations during the sewing process
  • No perforation during the backtracking of the starting and ending points, with better quality of points thanks to the stepper motors
  • Constant stitch length for the entire seam thanks to the step motors
  • Assembled hook on horizontal shaft to allow a rapid bobbin extraction without upper dislodging betwixt the two transport whells
  • The reduced dimensions of the column allow, during the upper assembling step, to make seams easier on woman and child upper
  • New thread trimmer, easy to adjust, with short threads cutting sistem
  • Easy replacement for wearing parts
  • Excellent quality-price ratio for the sewing machine and the parts
  • Automatic backtack activated by manual lever or push button
  • Large touch equipped with a versatile and intuitive software for programming seam sides, curves, backtacks and stitch length
  • New LED lighting in the work area adjustable via touch
  • Control keypad, backtack, half stitch and full stitch
  • Homogeneous seam with the same length of the stitches in the ant kind of curve


  • Max sewing speed: 2.800 r.p.m. (mod. A-B)
  • Max sewing speed: 2.400 r.p.m. (mod. C)
  • Max stitch length: 4,5 mm
  • Kind of stitch: 301
  • Needle system: 134-LR
  • Voltage: 230 V - 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 105x55x127 cm
  • Weight: 100 kg

Product Details

Camarb N31-ALL IN ONE-E-C997-CP

Data sheet

1 Needle Sewing
Max sewing speed
2.400 r.p.m. (mod. C)
2.800 r.p.m. (Mod A-B)
Max stitch lenght
4,5 mm
Kind of stitch
Needle system
134 L-R
230V - 50/60Hz
105x55x127 cm
100 Kg


Scheda Tecnica N31-AIO-E-C997

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Catalogo Camarb N31 serie 997

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Inst. Manual N31-AIO-E-C997-CP

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Instr. Manual N31E-N32E-N33E

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Progr. Manual N31E-N32E-N33E

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Man. Istr. N31-AIO-E-C997-CP

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Quick Compare

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Zig-zag post-bed sewing machine for medium-heavy materials as leather, artificial leather, heavy clothes etc.

Macchina per cucire a colonna speciale per cuciture ornamentali su guardolo (cuoio e salpa) con disegni vari a 1 o 2 aghi, con crochet oscillante ingrandito, trasporto a griffa fissa e piedini.

Motore Efka.

Macchina per cucire a colonna speciale per cuciture ornamentali finto mocassino e pelletteria con disegni vari a 1 o 2 aghi, con crochet oscillante ingrandito, trasporto a griffa fissa e piedini.

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La macchina è predisposta per la realizzazione di 11 diverse cuciture e può cucire anche il mocassino montato.

Zig Zag 2 Needles 2 Needles 2 Needles
Max sewing speed
2000 r.p.m. 500 punti/min 500 punti/min 500 punti/min
Max stitch lenght
5 mm 0-12 mm 0-12 mm 0-8 mm
Lifting amount of presser foot
8 mm
Needle system
328-214 x 1 328-214 x 1 328-214 x 2
single-phase V 230 - 50/60 Hz 220V 50/60 Hz 220V 50/60 Hz
105x55x122 cm
85 kg 100 kg 100 kg 130 kg