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Bramac FLEXMED F35

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FLEXMED F35 is the latest generation 4.0 3D printer produced in Italy by STAMPATREDDI Flexible Solutions and marketed in collaboration with BRAMAC S.R.L.

A printer for professionals in the sector, extremely easy and versatile to use.

It offers the best print quality in its class and can print with a wide range of materials.



  • Working Area: 300X350X300 mm (versione std) - 300X350X520 (versione XL)
  • Filament diameter: 1,75 mm
  • X-Y-Z Axis movement on trapezoidal screw and Hiwin guide (very hight precision)
  • 32 bit motherboard and 1/128 step drive SILENT
  • Filament and sensor
  • Remote managment system 4.0 programmed self-shutdown
  • Extruder up to 350° (3 types available)
  • Jet 0.4mm (std version) optional 0,2 mm - 0,3 mm - 0,5 mm - 0,6 mm - 0,8 mm
  • Heated part 220V 750W up to a 160°
  • Ground aluminium print base (optiona lokbuild mat)
  • Voltage 24 V


  • Heating cartridge 24V 40W (std version) - 24V 50W (extruder type C temperature up to 350°C)
  • ntc100k senson in stainless steel - Thermal barrier in aisi 304 (std version) titanium (extruder type C)
  • Extruder cooling fan 24V 40X40X10 mm
  • Filament cooling fan turbofan 24V
  • Printing accuracy 0.03 mm
  • Support jet 0,3 mm/0,5 mm/0,6 mm/0,8 mm (dafault 0,4 mm copper)
  • Extruder Type A: PCL, CERA, PA 12, FILAMENTI MEDICALI fino A 245°C
  • Extruder Type B: PLA, PET, NYLON, WOOD, TPU, TPE, TPC, PC-BBT fino a 250°C
  • Extruder Type C: TECH FILAMENT, ABS, PC, PEC, PC-PBTFC, CARBON, PPS fino a 350°C
  • Jets in copper+nickel, stainless steel, hardener steel nozzles

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300X350X300 mm versione STD
300x350x520 mm versione XL


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